I’m a Software Engineer from Ukraine.
Open source contributor.
I have around 7 years of professional experience in startups and companies with legacy codebases where used many different programming languages and technologies.
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Software Engineering and Technologies

My engineering philosophy

  • I’m not restricted by my preferences. There is no ideal programming language or unified tech stack to solve all problems. But there are some technologies that I’d like to work with and some that I would not.
  • I believe that good planning and prototyping usually save software development time a lot. Even (or especially) if it is a very early startup. So, firstly think, investigate, and communicate only then code.
  • Documentation is a must-have to keep informed all development participants. The phrase Code should be self-documenting is about code readability not about documentation.

A bit about my preferences

I use GNU/Linux both for work and at home for the whole of my professional carrier. Last several years I use open-source software only (except for some drivers). I didn’t touch Windows for years (except sometimes playing video games).

My favorite language to build something complicated is Rust (before it was C and C++).
For script writing, I prefer Python or Bash.

The Neovim as IDE is the best choice.

I’m not fond of javascript and typescript and prefer to work with them as little as possible.